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MicroModal string

Our MicroModal strings for ladies are super comfortable and super sexy. Unbelievably soft and available in sizes from S to XXXL. Also available seamless!

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Ladies’ MicroModal Thong

Our MicroModal thongs for ladies are super comfortable and super sexy. Unbelievably soft and available in sizes S to XXXL. Seamless also available!

Thongs are the perfect underwear. This is because a thong is virtually invisible under your clothing. Want to make sure you have no VPL? Then opt for a seamless thong. But a good thong, no matter how simple, is also sexy. The MicroModal thongs by Ollies Fashion have a perfect fit and ensure that you can look at yourself in the mirror with confidence.

Thong, tanga or Brazilian?

Every woman has her own preferences when it comes to underwear. That’s why you’ll find an extensive collection of thongs at Ollies Fashion. Not only do you have a wide choice of sizes and colors, you can also choose between various styles. That way you’ll always be wearing a thong you feel good in.

Currently our MicroModal thongs are available as “regular” thong, Brazilian and tanga. But what exactly is the difference? The tanga/g-string has a very thin waistband and is therefore extremely sexy, while also being practically invisible under clothing. Our thongs are just as invisible under clothing, but have a bit more fabric than a tanga/g-string. The Brazilian thong is a favorite of many women. This type of thong looks more like normal panties or hipsters from the front. At the buttocks, however, the Brazilian thong is high-cut like a thong. This makes the Brazilian thong therefore flattering to the hips, stomach and buttocks.

Seamless thongs

In addition to our standard MicroModal thongs and Brazilian thongs, these styles are also available at Ollies Fashion in a seamless version. Seamless thongs offer optimum comfort. They don’t pinch or rub and have a perfect fit. Plus, with a seamless thong, you can be sure that it won’t cause any visible lines under your clothing.

Tip! Besides thongs, are you looking for other comfortable underwear? Check out our seamless MicroModal boyshorts and hipsters.

What is MicroModal?

If you are looking for comfort, the choice for seamless is only natural. But if you also choose MicroModal, you will know for sure that you have bought the perfect underwear!

MicroModal is not very well known in the Netherlands yet, but alongside bamboo it is the perfect fabric for underwear. MicroModal is made from the cellulose from birch trees, and is therefore semi-synthetic. The ultra narrow fibers make the fabric lightweight, soft, breathable and quick drying. Ideal properties for underwear, in other words.

The MicroModal underwear from Ollies Fashion is made from a minimum of 88% Tencel MicroModal, and is of high quality. Tencel MicroModal is colorfast, keeps its shape and hardly pills or fluffs. So you can put your underwear in the washing machine after each wear without any problems. Sloggi is one of the brands that offer MicroModal underwear. But now you can find an affordable version at Ollies Fashion.

Do you prefer not to wear thongs but want to feel the benefits of MicroModal against your skin? Then check out our MicroModal boyshorts and MicroModal hipsters.

Affordable thongs for ladies

Are you looking for great value thongs for ladies? At Ollies Fashion you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. We may not be as cheap as your local clothing discounter, but you get a lot of quality for your money. Our MicroModal thongs are made from a minimum of 88% MicroModal and spandex. As a result, each Ollies Fashion thong looks like new, wash after wash! So in the end, you will enjoy it for many years! This ultimately saves you money, and is also better for the environment.

Did you know you can always take advantage of volume discounts at Ollies Fashion? The more items of a single product you buy, the more discount you get! And that goes for our MicroModal thongs too, of course. So you can wear the most comfortable ladies’ underwear every day.

Buying MicroModal thongs at Ollies Fashion

Are you convinced of the many advantages of MicroModal? Then order your MicroModal thongs now from Ollies Fashion. With us you are guaranteed the best value for money, and you also have a wide choice of different styles, colors and sizes. In other words, we have the perfect thong for every woman. You will also find the most comfortable seamless thongs in our range.

Did you know that we also offer high-quality bamboo underwear? Check out our bamboo hipsters and bamboo boyshorts. And did you know that we also have comfortable bamboo camisoles in our collection?

We think it’s important that you know in advance what to expect. Therefore we provide all our products with clear photos and descriptions. Use the size charts to select the ideal size. That way you can be sure that your new MicroModal thong is a perfect fit.

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