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Men's t-shirts made of bamboo and cotton

Men’s bamboo and cotton t-shirtsHigh-quality men’s bamboo and cotton t-shirts: they are essential in every men’s wardrobe. Because a good outfit starts with the right basics.

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Men’s t-shirts from Ollies Fashion

It is always a good idea to have a wide selection of men’s t-shirts in your closet. Because you wear t-shirts all year round. In summer they are the perfect basic to combine with shorts or jeans. In winter, a t-shirt offers you extra warmth under a sweater or cardigan. A t-shirt even doesn’t look out of place in a business setting, under a good-looking jacket. Or wear a V-neck t-shirt as an undershirt under a shirt.

Not every t-shirt is the perfect basic, however. We at Ollies Fashion know this all too well. That is why we have put together a collection of men’s t-shirts that are suitable for every day. Shirts with a great fit in a range of colors, but of course also in classic white, black and grey. The men’s t-shirts from Ollies Fashion are made of high-quality fabrics that guarantee optimum comfort.

Men’s bamboo t-shirt

Our bamboo t-shirts for men are very popular. These t-shirts have a modern slim fit that makes them perfect to wear under a shirt, but they are also perfect to wear with jeans, sweatpants or chinos. The t-shirts are made of 95% 190-gram bamboo fabric and 5% spandex.

T-shirts made of bamboo fabric are breathable, moisture-absorbing and have antibacterial properties, so you are less likely to suffer from unpleasant odors. The ideal addition to your daily outfits, in other words. The addition of spandex provides greater comfort and a t-shirt that fits your body perfectly. The bamboo men’s t-shirts from Ollies Fashion are available in sizes S to XL.
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Men’s cotton t-shirts: affordable and reliable

Are you looking for reasonably priced men’s t-shirts with a long lifespan? Cotton t-shirts are a classic basic, and every man has a few in his wardrobe. And thankfully quality doesn’t have to be expensive. Because at Ollies Fashion a 2-pack of cotton t-shirts is only €24.75. Our t-shirts are made of 100% 220-gram high-quality jersey cotton, which will give you years of pleasure from a colorfast garment that will keep its shape.

The soft and breathable properties of cotton ensure that they are very comfortable to wear. Our men’s cotton t-shirts are available in white and black and have an O-neck. Wear them as a base under a jacket, cardigan or shirt. On warmer days they are the perfect top to wear with jeans, shorts or chinos. Ollies Fashion cotton t-shirts are available in sizes S to XXL.

The perfect basic also has the perfect size

T-shirts. Every man wears them. It’s a simple garment and many men don’t think about choosing the right size, fit or color. But did you know that you look much better when you wear the perfect t-shirt?
In a more fitted t-shirt with tighter sleeves you immediately look more muscular. Even if you don’t go to the gym every day. However, it is important that the t-shirt fits perfectly and is not too tight. Pay attention to the following when fitting a t-shirt:

  • The shoulder seams must fall exactly where your shoulders end. If they are lower, then the shirt is too big, and if the seams are more towards your neck, then the t-shirt is too small, of course.
  • The sleeves must fit your upper arm well and not be too long (about halfway up your upper arms). If you are very tall then a t-shirt with longer sleeves can look better.
  • The t-shirt should end below the waistband of your trousers, but also not be so long as to create a nightgown effect. A t-shirt that is too short can cause embarrassing situations when you stretch up or bend over.
  • The t-shirt has to fit to your torso well. A t-shirt that is too loose creates a shapeless whole, while a t-shirt that is too tight reveals every detail of your tummy.

Choose the right color

The color of a men’s t-shirt is also important. White, black and grey suits almost everyone and can be worn in almost all situations. If you want a t-shirt in a different color, it is often a matter of experimenting. You will notice that not every color suits your hair or skin color.

White and grey t-shirts look perfect with a pair of dark jeans or chinos. Especially when you choose an O-neck t-shirt. Blue t-shirts can also be combined well in this way. If you wear a black or other dark-colored t-shirt, choose lighter trousers for a good contrast. And of course: a light t-shirt is best combined with dark trousers.

V-neck or O-neck t-shirt

Also make a conscious choice between a V-neck t-shirt and an O-neck t-shirt. A V-neck t-shirt is ideal for shorter men because it makes your neck look longer. A V-neck t-shirt is also ideal for men with a somewhat rounder or wider face.

An O-neck t-shirt is a classic choice that makes your shoulders look wider. The round neck is also the best option for men with a longer neck and narrower face.
If you wear a t-shirt under another garment, it is important that both garments have the same collar shape. That creates a harmonious whole.

Order men’s t-shirts online at Ollies Fashion

So there is quite a lot you need to pay attention to if you want to buy the perfect t-shirt. At Ollies Fashion we do our best to help you in this, with an extensive collection of t-shirts made from the best fabrics, a large choice of sizes and the most beautiful fits. All you have to do is choose the right size. This is easy with our clear size chart. If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can always return it within 30 days at Ollies Fashion.

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