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Bamboo boxer shorts

Looking for women’s underwear with legs? Then choose the comfortable bamboo boxer shorts for women from Ollies Fashion. Gemaakt van 95% bamboe dus super comfortabel en duurzaam.

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Boxershorts for ladies (boyshorts)

For women, there is a huge choice in underwear, from sexy to sporty. But in the end, what matters is that you feel good in it. This means that your comfort is the top priority! And they don’t get much more comfortable than our boyshorts for ladies. This type of underwear is by no means just for men any more. This is because boyshorts cover just a bit more than the regular hipsters, and are therefore a good choice for any outfit, and perfect to wear under a summer dress. The panties with legs also prevent the underwear from creeping up annoyingly.

Our bamboo boyshorts for ladies have a wide waistband that does not cut in and no annoying seams that chafe during wear. So you won’t even notice you’re wearing them! The boyshorts are available in white, grey, black and pink. You also have a choice of sizes: S to XL. The added spandex ensures a perfect fit.

Tip! Would you prefer a nice thong or hipsters? You can find them too at Ollies Fashion. Check out our full collection of ladies’ underwear.

Bamboo boyshorts

Maybe you’re already a big fan, or maybe you’ve never heard of it: bamboo underwear. But as far as we are concerned, there is (besides MicroModal of course) no better fabric to make underwear from! Because bamboo has so many unique properties that after you’ve worn bamboo underwear once, you will never want to wear anything else again.

What is so special about bamboo is, first of all, the round shape of the fibers. This makes for a soft fabric that feels great on the skin. The fibers also have an open structure. This makes the fabric highly breathable and it is also great at absorbing and wicking away moisture. The antibacterial properties of bamboo help prevent unpleasant odors. Perfect properties for underwear, in other words. Because this makes you feel hygienic and dry all day long.

An added benefit of bamboo fiber is that it is produced in a much more environmentally friendly way than other fabrics. This is because bamboo grows very quickly and produces much more fiber per square meter than other crops used to make fabric. Also, bamboo needs very little water to grow. And because bamboo naturally has antibacterial properties, very few pesticides are needed. This is good for the environment and your skin. Because as a result, hardly anyone ever experiences allergic reactions to bamboo underwear.

Did you know that, in addition to bamboo boyshorts, we also sell bamboo camisoles for ladies?

Great value bamboo underwear

Bamboo underwear is a wonderful luxury. And we at Ollies Fashion think everyone should be able to experience it. That’s why our bamboo underwear is very affordable, all year round. The high quality of the underwear ensures a long life, so in many cases you end up spending less than if you had bought your underwear at a clothing discounter.

And if you want extra discount, you can get it! At Ollies Fashion, we offer an attractive volume discount. That means the more items of a single product you put in your cart, the more discount you get! This means you can get great value ladies’ boyshorts for every day of the week.

Buying bamboo boyshorts for ladies

Ollies Fashion is your reliable online address for ladies underwear. We only sell underwear made of high-quality fabrics and offering the highest comfort. For this reason alone, it is best to order your bamboo boyshorts from Ollies Fashion.

But with us you also benefit from nice volume discounts, and you know exactly what you are buying. That’s because our clear product photos and descriptions and handy size charts will always help you make the right choice. And if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you always have 30 days in which to return it. But we can hardly imagine that you won’t be happy with your new bamboo underwear!

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