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Slim Fit Men's Polo Shirt for a stylish, casual look

With a good polo shirt, you effortlessly achieve a stylish, casual look. Discover our quality men’s polo shirts made of 100% pique cotton or high-quality MicroModal. Available in various designs and sizes up to XXXL.

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The men’s polo shirt

A men’s polo shirt worn with chinos or jeans always looks good. Put a jacket or blazer on over it and you’ll always be stylishly dressed. Wear braces and leather lace-up shoes or cool sneakers for a preppy street-style. At Ollies Fashion you can easily order the best-looking men’s polo shirts online. Quality for a good price!

The origin of the polo shirt

A polo shirt gives every outfit a sporty look. And that is only logical. The polo shirt has nothing to do with the sport of polo, riding around on horses, but comes from the world of tennis. The shirt was invented in the 1920s by French tennis player René Lacoste. Before that time, tennis was played in a long-sleeved shirt. Of course, that wasn’t comfortable at all, and it was way too hot. The men’s polo shirt was a light and stylish alternative to the old tennis shirt.

Nowadays, the polo shirt is no longer just worn on the tennis court, and has become a true classic in men’s fashion. Along with the classic piqué cotton styles, you can buy many different men’s polo shirts in every conceivable color and fit. A slim fit polo shirt or a slightly looser style, in a full plain color or with a cool print or embroidered details. This makes the polo shirt the perfect garment for both formal and informal occasions. And what’s more: so many men, so many wishes!

Men’s polo shirts from Ollies Fashion

At Ollies Fashion we know all about style and comfort. That’s why we designed our own collection of men’s polo shirts. Contemporary designs and colors and of course made of high-quality pique cotton or MicroModal. Each men’s polo shirt features an embroidered logo and beautiful contrasting details.

De men’s polo shirts van Ollies Fashion are available in sizes S to XXXL. If you are unsure what size would be best for you, take a look at our size chart. So you can be sure you’re making the right choice! We have opted for a polo shirt with a slim fit. That gives it a streamlined, modern look, while also having a slimming effect.

Our polo shirts are made of 100% 220-gram pique cotton or high-quality MicroModal. The special granular structure of the fabric makes our polo shirts soft and particularly breathable. Thanks to the excellent quality they keep their shape and color for longer and are therefore a purchase you will enjoy for years to come.

MicroModal polo shirt: what is that?

New to our collection are the MicroModal polo shirts from HCTUD. These modern polo shirts are available in a variety of color combinations and have a unique design that stands out immediately. HCTUD polo shirts are available in sizes M through XXXL and have a modern, snug fit.

But MicroModal, what is that? This type of textile is growing rapidly in popularity. And not without reason, because the fabric has a great many positive properties. MicroModal is a semi-synthetic fabric made from the fibers of the beech tree. The ultra-narrow fibers make the fabric light, silky soft and breathable. As a result, you stay cooler on hot days and are less likely to experience any unpleasant odors from perspiration.

The fabric has a luxurious feel and is particularly suitable not only for underwear, but also for outerwear such as polo shirts. Garments made of MicroModal are a good investment, as they keep their shape and color for longer, guaranteeing you years of enjoyment.

How should a man wear a polo shirt?

As far as we are concerned, a polo shirt is the perfect garment. It is more formal than a t-shirt, and not as formal as a shirt. This is why you can wear a polo shirt in many situations by dressing up or down in the right way. With a good-looking polo shirt you always look stylish, whether it’s at a barbecue or at the office. Combine the polo shirt as you like it. With jeans, or with neater trousers. With sneakers or with chic leather shoes. There are no rules in fashion! But some things it’s better to do – or not do.

What is it better not to do?

  • Don’t wear a t-shirt under a polo shirt. This makes the polo shirt less airy, and it often doesn’t do the fit any good either. The t-shirt may also be visible above the buttons of your polo shirt. Do you prefer to wear a t-shirt? Then choose a tight-fitting one with a neckline that is not visible under the polo shirt.
  • Do not wear the collar turned up. This was once a trend, but thankfully it’s behind us now. A polo shirt is at its best when you wear the collar turned down, as intended.
  • The collar of a men’s polo shirt always has buttons. Don’t wear them all open. That looks sloppy. While wearing all the buttons buttoned up looks somewhat stiff. 1 or 2 buttoned up is always good.

And what is it better to do?

  • If you like to wear polo shirts, make sure you have an extensive collection with various colors. So you can make the perfect choice for every occasion. Striking, bright colors and prints are in at the moment.
  • Choose the right size. Too wide a polo shirt won’t do your outfit any good. Wear a snug-fitting polo shirt, for example a slim fit style, for a modern and streamlined look.
  • Wear a polo shirt tucked in or out, both are fine. Wearing your polo shirt tucked in is a neater look. For sporty and casual occasions, wear the shirt loosely over your trousers.

Buying a men’s polo shirt at Ollies Fashion

Everyone knows the men’s polo shirts from well-known brands such as Lacoste, Fred Perry and Ralph Lauren. But did you know that Ollies Fashion men’s polo shirts are of a high quality, and at much more attractive prices?

Alongside cotton and MicroModal polo shirts, Ollies Fashion offers a large collection of men’s fashion for every man. In sizes XS to XXXL and everything in the most modern fits, fabrics and colors! If you are interested to find out more, take a look at our shirts, t-shirts and unique underwear collection.

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