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Men’s & women’s shirts and tops in Bamboo or Cotton
Comfortable shirts for men & women: airy spaghetti tops and cotton tank tops, ideal as undershirts.

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Ollies Fashion Tank tops and camisoles

Comfortable tank tops and camisoles for men & women: airy camisoles and cotton tank tops, ideal as undershirts.

With many outfits it is nice to wear something underneath the top layer. Primarily to keep yourself warm, but also because a garment is cut a bit too low, for example. At Ollies Fashion you will find affordable, quality tank tops and camisoles for women and men.

Ladies’ camisoles

Many women like to wear a camisole under a dress or blouse, for some extra warmth or to cover the cleavage a bit more. It is often best to opt for a close-fitting, plain camisole with thin straps. That’s why the bamboo camisoles from Ollies Fashion are perfect. These tops are made of high-quality bamboo fibers and have a good length and fit, so they are not visible under clothing. The straps of our camisoles are adjustable, so they don’t fall off your shoulders. The bamboo camisoles are available in black or white, in sizes M to XL.

Along with cotton, bamboo is a very suitable fabric for tank tops and camisoles. Due to the special shape of the bamboo fiber, the fabric feels wonderfully soft on the skin. Bamboo camisoles are also breathable and moisture-absorbing, thanks to the open structure of the fiber. And thanks to the antibacterial properties of bamboo, you are also less likely to suffer from unpleasant odors. What more do you want from your underwear?

Besides bamboo camisoles, Ollies Fashion offers a wide range of other bamboo underwear for men and women.

Men’s tank tops

The tank top is also a popular garment for men. It is worn daily by men, for example under a sweater or shirt. Some men like to work out in a sleeveless cotton tank top or wear a tank top with shorts on a hot day. Because you wear a tank top every day, we think it’s important that they are always soft and comfortable.

However and whenever you wear them, Ollies Fashion’s cotton tank tops are soft, comfortable and breathable. The tank tops have a sporty, slim fit, so you can wear them invisibly under your clothes, but they also look great at the gym. Our tank tops are available in white, grey and black and are made of 100% cotton.

We use 100% 220-gram jersey cotton. This is a high-quality cotton that is knitted, creating a stretch fabric with a long lifespan. This creates a comfortable tank top that keeps its shape, fits your body snugly and that you can wear for years to come.

Tip! Did you know that our tank tops are available as a super affordable set of 2?

Besides comfortable tank tops, Ollies Fashion also offers various men’s t-shirts that can also be worn as undershirts. Our t-shirts are made of 95% bamboo or 100% cotton, making them as light and soft as the men’s tank tops from Ollies Fashion.

Buy tank tops at Ollies Fashion

A tank top is a garment for every day. It is therefore important that they are comfortable and soft, but also that they last a long time. Wash after wash. At Ollies Fashion, we have taken this into account. You will therefore only find tank tops in our range with a great fit and made of the very best fabrics: 100% cotton or 95% bamboo. At attractive prices. Because at Ollies Fashion you get guaranteed high-quality clothing at a great price.

Thanks to our clear product information and good photos, you know exactly what you’re getting. Our size charts help you always make the right choice. And if you’re not happy with your purchase, you always have 30 days to return it at Ollies Fashion.
Of course your other underwear also has to be comfortable and of good quality. At Ollies Fashion you are in the right place for the most beautiful Bamboo and MicroModal underwear.

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