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Cotton tank top men, an ideal undershirt

Sporty cotton tank tops for men, suitable for everyday use in summer and winter. The ideal undershirt but also wearable on its own. Modern fit and available in various colors.

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Men’s tank top as undershirt

Affordable cotton tank tops (also known as singlets) for men can be found at Ollies Fashion. Our tank tops are made of 100% 220-gram jersey cotton. Heavy-duty quality at a low price. The jersey knit weave ensures great stretch qualities so the fitted tank top is always flattering and also retains its shape for a long life. In addition to men’s tank tops, at Ollies Fashion you will also find high-quality ladies’ camisoles. Check out our bamboo camisoles for ladies here.

A cotton tank top is a popular choice with men who like to wear an undershirt under a shirt, sweater or cardigan. On cold days, an undershirt provides the extra warmth you need. Tank tops are sleeveless and therefore ideal under a shirt with snug-fitting sleeves, for example, because it is then completely invisible. In addition, the close fit of a tank top is more flattering as an undershirt than a t-shirt or wider undershirt.

In addition, many men prefer to wear a cotton tank top rather than a shirt made of polyester or other synthetic fabric. Indeed, as with bamboo, the familiar cotton has many good properties that make the fabric perfect for underwear and, in particular, as an undershirt. To name but a few:

  1. Cotton feels soft to the touch. Because you wear underwear, and therefore also an undershirt, directly on the skin, this is very pleasant.
  2. Cotton is moisture absorbent and breathable. As a result, a cotton undershirt does not feel clammy, even when it gets a little warmer or you are doing physical activities.
  3. Cotton is one of the hardest wearing fabrics. You probably wash your undershirts regularly. So it is important then that they are colorfast, wear resistant and keep their shape. And those are exactly the properties of cotton!
  4. Cotton is a relatively inexpensive fabric. And that makes it the ideal choice if you want to wear an undershirt every day, but don’t want to spend a fortune on your underwear.

Wearing a cotton tank top as a shirt, is that ok?

Don’t get us wrong, while a men’s tank top is perfect as an undershirt, that’s definitely not the only way you can wear it. Because a good-looking cotton tank top is very suitable as a visible part of your daily outfit. But we do recommend that you follow some basic rules.

  1. Not every tank top is the same. The right model makes all the difference. Choose a tank top with neckline and armholes that are not cut too low. That type of tank top is best worn only at the beach.
  2. Choose a tank top with a nice snug fit. The best is a tank top with a slight stretch. The right size is important. Too tight is not flattering, but a tank top that is too wide will make you look much bulkier than you actually are. Use our size chart to measure yourself at home and select the perfect size.
  3. Pay attention to quality. A tank top made of a thin fabric and with poor workmanship quickly looks sloppy. It’s better to choose a tank top made of hard-wearing cotton. Our men’s tank tops are made from 100% 220-gram jersey cotton and are beautifully finished with unique detailing.

Once you have selected the right men’s tank top, you can combine it to your heart’s content. For example, on its own, worn with a pair of jeans or nice shorts. Want to wear your tank top a little less visibly? Then you can also pair it with a blazer, jacket or untucked shirt. A tank top is incredibly multifunctional. Make it part of your own style!

Great value men’s tank tops at Ollies Fashion

Are you looking for a good special offer? Then you’re at the right place at Ollies Fashion, every day of the year. Because with us you will find only good quality ladies’ and men’s clothing at the right price. We do not skimp on quality, but buy directly from the manufacturer, which means we can always offer you the most competitive prices.

Want to order a cotton tank top? Naturally from Ollies Fashion

If you wear tank tops every day, it is important that they are of good quality. Ollies Fashion’s men’s tank tops are always made from the finest quality jersey cotton for a great fit and long life. This makes them not only suitable as undershirts but they also look good on their own! We also show that good quality can also be affordable.

Order your tank tops easily online. Thanks to our clear photos and descriptions, you know exactly what you’re buying before you get to see it in real life. Use our size charts to select the right size. That way we can be sure you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Is something wrong anyway or do you have a question about a product? If so, please contact our customer service department. We’ll be happy to help you!

At Ollies Fashion you will find quality ladies’ and men’s clothing at a good price. So not only cotton tank tops for men, but also other men’s underwear, such as boxer briefs and briefs. But you’ve also come to the right place for the finest men’s shirts, t-shirts and polo shirts. We have also thought of the ladies. Check out our collection of ladies’ camisoles and ladies’ underwear.

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