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Bamboo shirt for men in various styles and colors

Experience the luxury and comfort of a bamboo shirt. Soft, breathable, and with antibacterial properties. Available at Ollies Fashion in various colors and fits.

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The advantages of bamboo fabric

Bamboo fabric is an innovative development of the last 20 years. Recently, more and more people have been choosing clothes made from bamboo fabrics. And not without reason: bamboo has many advantages over other fabrics. Bamboo fiber has unique properties that make clothes made from it particularly comfortable. It is also a better choice for the environment than 100% cotton. The advantages of bamboo fabrics are outlined below.

Airy & antibacterial: stay fresh for longer in a bamboo shirt

When you put bamboo fibers under the microscope, you see innumerable tiny holes. The open structure of bamboo ensures that bamboo fabric breathes well, but also absorbs moisture well and allows it to evaporate. As a result, you perspire less and smell fresher for longer. A bamboo shirt is therefore the perfect choice for any occasion: a tense job interview, a long working day or a busy party or event.

A bamboo shirt is not only the perfect garment for the summer. The fibers keep you nice and warm in winter! The open structure has a double breathable and insulating effect that keeps you warmer on cold days than a 100% cotton shirt. If you are someone who perspires easily, wear a bamboo t-shirt under your shirt. This will keep you dry under the armpits for longer and you won’t have to worry about a thing all day.

Wonderfully soft and comfortable

Bamboo fibers have even more positive properties. For example, bamboo is hypoallergenic and is therefore ideal for people with sensitive skin. The rounded surface of the fibers ensures that bamboo fabric feels wonderfully soft, and it has a smooth drape for a perfect fit. And did you know that bamboo fabric is wrinkle-resistant? This means you’ll still look good even if you don’t have time to iron in the morning.

Just as pleasant as a soft shirt is silky soft underwear! Take a look at our collection of bamboo underwear for men and women. Boxer briefs, briefs and thongs with the same unique properties. This is something you have to experience!

Bamboo: a more sustainable choice

Unfortunately, the production of many types of fabric has a negative impact on the environment. The special way bamboo grows means that bamboo fabric is one of the more sustainable choices. Particularly if you compare it to cotton.

This is because bamboo grows at an unprecedented speed, and a large quantity can be grown on a small area. No artificial fertilizer is required. That alone makes a huge difference to the carbon footprint. Bamboo also has naturally antibacterial properties, which means that little or no pesticide is needed when growing it. Another important additional advantage is that bamboo retains a lot of water in the stems and therefore requires little extra watering. And saving water is always a good way to be environmentally conscious!

The bamboo shirts from Ollies Fashion

Ollies Fashion bamboo shirts are made of a high-quality blend of 55% bamboo and 45% cotton. By adding cotton to the bamboo fibers, a durable fabric is created that can withstand rough treatment. That is pretty convenient. So you can wear your bamboo shirt with pleasure for years and wash it in the washing machine.

Cotton also boosts all the positive properties of bamboo. Because just like bamboo, cotton is breathable, moisture-absorbing and wrinkle-resistant. A perfect combination, in other words. To provide you with the perfect bamboo shirt, we have put together a collection of different styles, fits and colors. So whether you prefer a classic white shirt or one with a soft pink, purple or blue color – you’ll find it at Ollies Fashion.

Just like our other shirts, our bamboo shirts are available in 3 fits: tailor fit, modern fit and loose fit. The difference between the fits is mainly in the tailoring. Tailor fit is cut very slim, so the shirt fits snugly to the body. Ideal for a modern look. Combine a tailor fit bamboo shirt with a fitted suit or a nice pair of jeans. A modern fit shirt is slightly tailored, giving you a modern look, but with just a little more room to move. This fit can also be combined with a businesslike or casual look.

If you have a larger size and/or prefer a classic look, then opt for a loose fit shirt. These are looser around the waist, ensuring optimum comfort.

Order a Bamboo shirt online at Ollies Fashion

If you, like us, are convinced of the advantages of bamboo fabric, you can order the most beautiful bamboo shirts online from Ollies Fashion. Choose from our different colors and styles. A good shirt only comes into its own if it fits perfectly. That’s why our shirts are available in sizes XS to XXXL.

Bamboo fabric is not only the perfect fabric for a men’s shirt. Also try replacing your basics with a bamboo alternative. For example soft bamboo underwear for men and women and comfortable bamboo t-shirts.

Are you curious to see the full range of men’s shirts from Ollies Fashion? In addition to high-quality bamboo shirts, this is also the place to be for business and casual shirts in cotton/polyester, rayon and denim. So there’s always a shirt you can feel good in!

Order your bamboo clothing at Ollies Fashion and benefit from the many advantages: a large range, clear information and easy to use size charts. We’ll be happy to help you make the right choice. If you are nevertheless not completely happy with your order, Ollies Fashion always gives you 30 days to return it.

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