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Men's cotton T-shirts, affordable and high quality

100% cotton T-shirts for men. Heavy quality and modern fit, also available at an extra low price in a 2-pack!

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Men’s cotton t-shirts at Ollies Fashion

There’s not a man alive who doesn’t have a pile of cotton t-shirts in the closet. But how many of those t-shirts are totally washed out after just a few washes? And how many are too short or too wide and don’t do anything at all for your outfit or your body? With our cotton t-shirts you won’t have to worry about that any more. Because the cotton t-shirts from Ollies Fashion are of a heavy-duty quality with a perfect fit, for sizes S to XXL. If you are looking for reasonably priced men’s t-shirts with a long lifespan, you’ve come to the right place at Ollies Fashion.

Our cotton t-shirts are available in black and white. The perfect basic colors to wear with jeans, chinos or sweatpants. But also ideal as an undershirt under a nice shirt, jacket or cardigan.

Tip!Our cotton t-shirts are also available as an affordable 2-Pack. Giving you even more discount!

100% Jersey cotton

Our t-shirts are made of 100% 220-gram high-quality jersey cotton. Because of the high quality you will have years of pleasure from a colorfast garment that will keep its shape. Even if you wash your shirt every time after every wear. Our t-shirts are made of jersey cotton. This means that the fabric is knitted, and therefore stretchy. This ensures that the t-shirt drapes better on the body than a standard, woven 100% cotton t-shirt.

Sometimes cotton is combined with other synthetic fabrics to create the same kind of stretch fabric. But this makes a t-shirt less breathable and soft. That’s why a t-shirt made of 100% jersey cotton is the best choice when you are looking for a t-shirt with stretch properties.

Choosing the perfect cotton shirt for men

There’s no garment simpler than a men’s t-shirt. But as simple as it is, the fit is all the more important. You often only notice the difference when you’re wearing a t-shirt with a perfect fit. Too square, sleeves too wide, too short, too tight: none of them do your outfit or your body any favors. Pay attention to the following points when trying on a t-shirt:

  • Look closely at the position of the shoulder seams. These must fall exactly where your shoulders end. So not halfway along your upper arms, or towards your neck.
  • Choose a t-shirt with sleeves that fit snugly to your upper arms, and that are not too long. This makes your arms look more muscular. On the other hand, if you are on the tall side, a t-shirt with longer sleeves can give a more balanced look.
  • Nothing is more annoying than a t-shirt that keeps crawling up. To avoid that, choose a t-shirt that ends below the waistband of your trousers. But make sure the shirt is not so long that it ends a long way below the hips.
  • Choose a t-shirt that at least somewhat follows the contours of the body. Our cotton t-shirts have a modern fit that fits snugly to the body but still offers plenty of room to move. If you would rather have a slimfit t-shirt, check out our bamboo t-shirts collection.

At Ollies Fashion you will only find cotton t-shirts with a modern, more snugly fitting fit. Our t-shirts are available in sizes S to XXL, so you can find the perfect t-shirt for you. For more information on which size is most suitable, see our size charts.

How do you wear a cotton t-shirt?

The cotton t-shirt was developed a long time ago, as underwear. And a cotton t-shirt is still an excellent choice as an undershirt under a shirt or sweater. But now we also know that a simple outfit of jeans and a cotton t-shirt makes an unbeatable combination. So as long as the shirt fits well (see above), it’s always a good idea.

A lot of men find the idea of a pair of trousers with a plain t-shirt a bit boring, and therefore opt for a print or pattern. But a plain shirt actually looks very stylish, and can be combined in all kinds of fun ways. A white t-shirt looks great with blue or black jeans – casual and tough.

On colder days, you can easily add layers on a plain t-shirt, while keeping the look simple. A blazer, denim jacket, bomber jacket, or stylish knitted cardigan. All these are possible. And you can combine plain t-shirts with almost any shoes. Whether you prefer to wear a t-shirt tucked in or out, just remember: if you wear a t-shirt as an undershirt under a shirt or sweater, for example, then you should tuck it in. This is more comfortable and looks neater. For a casual look, always wear your t-shirt untucked. But if you prefer to tuck it in, that’s no problem. If so, we recommend a plain t-shirt with a modern fit, worn with well-tailored trousers and a nice belt, combined with cool sneakers for a more casual look.

Buying cotton shirts at Ollies Fashion

Of course you can find reasonably priced t-shirts for men at Ollies Fashion. Because we show that you can get good quality men’s and ladies’ clothing at a good price. Our high-quality 100% cotton t-shirts are available at low prices.

Apart from 100% cotton t-shirts for men, Ollies Fashion also offers luxury t-shirts made from 95% bamboo. These innovative shirts are ultra soft, moisture absorbing and ventilating, with a modern slim fit and available in a range of attractive colors. Check out the rest of our range of men’s and ladies’ clothing. For example, see our shirts, polo shirts, underwear and more.

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