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Men’s t-shirts from Ollies Fashion, quality and comfortDiscover our extensive collection of basic t-shirts, made from 95% bamboo or 100% cotton, thus silky-soft, airy, and exceptionally durable.

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Men’s t-shirts made of bamboo and cotton

For men, there is a wide selection of men’s t-shirts in a variety of colors. From basic black and white to pink, green and blue. A basic t-shirt for men is indispensable as an undershirt, but also to wear as on its own on warmer days. Ollies Fashion t-shirts have a modern, snug fit.

In addition to different colors, you can choose between a t-shirt made of 95% bamboo or a t-shirt made of 100% cotton. Both t-shirts are made from natural fabrics that are known for being breathable and moisture absorbent. This means that a cotton or bamboo t-shirt never feels clammy. Even when it is very hot or when you are physically active. As a result, bamboo t-shirts and cotton t-shirts are both perfect for any occasion: work, sports and leisure.

Bamboo also has a number of unique properties. For example, bamboo is hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties that will make you less likely to suffer from unpleasant odors due to perspiration. Also, compared to cotton, bamboo is a more environmentally conscious choice. This is because growing bamboo uses far less water and requires very few pesticides that could end up in the environment or in the fabric. The great advantage of cotton is that it is particularly hard-wearing, making a 100% cotton t-shirt very long-lasting. Cotton is also a more budget-friendly choice than bamboo.

T-shirt special offers at Ollies Fashion

At Ollies Fashion you will find the best basic t-shirts at the best prices all year round. But of course, from time to time you can take advantage of extra high discounts. Keep an eye on our Sale page for this.

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