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Bamboo T-shirt

Bamboo t-shirt for men, wonderfully soft and comfortableMen’s bamboo t-shirts made from 95% bamboo: ultra-soft, comfortable, and with the perfect slim-fit design. Hypoallergenic and breathable – ideal for every day.

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Bamboo t-shirts from Ollies Fashion

The right basics make the man. Choose Ollies Fashion’s short-sleeved bamboo t-shirts for style and comfort. Our collection has been put together with care, so you will only find quality t-shirts with a modern, flattering fit and attractive colors. Our bamboo t-shirts are available in grey, anthracite, blue, green and pink.

Tip! If you are looking for high-quality black or white basic t-shirts, check out our cotton t-shirts.

The men’s bamboo t-shirts are made of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex. By adding a little stretch to them, our slimfit bamboo shirts fit perfectly around your body. Spandex also ensures that the shirt keeps its shape for longer, so you can enjoy wearing it for years. Wash after wash! The slimfit bamboo shirts have tight-fitting sleeves, making your arms look more muscular and your shoulders wider. The light V-neck looks good on any man and makes it the perfect shirt to wear under a shirt. Or on its own, with jeans, sweatpants or chinos.

Thanks to the length of our bamboo t-shirts, they don’t creep up and you don’t have to worry about accidentally revealing your tummy or lower back if you reach up or bend over. The length also means that the t-shirts stay tucked in if you are wearing a bamboo shirt as an undershirt. The tighter fit ensures that the t-shirt is not visible under your shirt. Ollies Fashion bamboo t-shirts are available in sizes S to XXL. Please note that the t-shirts have a smaller size than usual. Use our size chart to find the best size for you. For the best effect, it is important that the t-shirt is not too loose or too tight around your tummy and arms. If you are still not sure which size to order after measuring, please contact our customer service.

Anti-perspiration shirt

A lot of men suffer from noticeable and excessive perspiration. This can be embarrassing, especially if you are surrounded by a lot of other people, for example at work or at a party. If you recognize this situation, chances are you’ve been looking for a good solution for a while. Changing clothes regularly, using a different deodorant or sitting still as much as possible. If you perspire a lot, a bamboo t-shirt can make a difference.

Bamboo fibers have many special properties, so a t-shirt made of bamboo can also function as an anti-perspiration shirt. Bamboo t-shirts are breathable, so you are less likely to break out in a sweat. Wear a bamboo t-shirt under a bamboo shirt to get the perfect combination for business settings.

Did you know that bamboo clothing also stays cooler than cotton clothing? That makes a difference of 2 or 3 degrees. This is another reason why bamboo is the right choice for a hot summer day or on days when you will be very active.

Even when perspiring is unavoidable, a bamboo t-shirt helps make it less visible. The open structure of bamboo fibers means the fabric absorbs moisture well. Moisture is also wicked away better than with other fabrics. And what makes it even better: bamboo has antibacterial properties, which makes it less likely you’ll get any unpleasant odors. So you feel fresher for much longer in a bamboo t-shirt.

Bamboo t-shirts offer ultimate comfort

Once you’ve worn a bamboo shirt, you’ll never want anything else! Due to the special rounded shape of bamboo fibers, bamboo t-shirts feel extremely soft to the touch. And what could be finer than silky soft basics? Bamboo is also hypoallergenic. So you will also benefit from the softness and comfort of bamboo if you suffer from sensitive skin or allergies.

Bamboo clothing is not only airy and cooling in summer. Thanks to the open structure of the fibers, bamboo also keeps you warm in winter. So besides being an anti-perspiration shirt, a bamboo t-shirt also works as a thermal undershirt. So truly a garment to have in your wardrobe all year round. Fortunately, Ollies Fashion’s bamboo t-shirts are very affordable and are available in a variety of colors, so you can switch them around as you wish!

Bamboo clothing is better for the environment

Clothing production is often very harmful to the environment. Large quantities of water, soil and pesticides are needed to make the raw materials for many fabrics. Cotton is a good example in this respect. Fortunately, there is a good alternative to these fabrics: bamboo.

Bamboo grows very fast, so you only need a small area to grow large quantities of it. It also doesn’t require any fertilizer and almost no extra water, because bamboo retains a lot of water. Bamboo’s antibacterial properties mean that almost no pesticides are needed when growing it. All these positive properties are retained when the bamboo is processed into fabrics.

Buying a bamboo shirt at Ollies Fashion

If, like us, you are completely convinced of the many advantages of a bamboo t-shirt, you can buy a bamboo shirt quickly and easily at Ollies Fashion. Clear photos and product descriptions, only high-quality products and of course a 30-day returns policy!

Besides bamboo t-shirts, Ollies Fashion also offers a wide collection of bamboo shirts and bamboo underwear for men and women. And all this at a reasonable price, because high quality really doesn’t have to be expensive. Bamboo t-shirts are available from only €19.95. If you are interested to see what else Ollies Fashion has to offer besides bamboo clothing, check out our full collection of shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts and much more.

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