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Cotton shirt for men in various styles and colors

Discover the extensive collection of cotton shirts from Ollies Fashion – for the stylish, modern man.

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Good cotton shirt

No wardrobe should be without a good cotton shirt. It is the perfect garment for every occasion: business or casual. A white cotton shirt is a real classic, you can be seen in one at the office as well as at the beach club. But you can also never go wrong with a cotton men’s shirt with a stylish stripe or check, or in your favorite color.

Choose from our extensive collection of men’s shirts, made from a quality blend of cotton and polyester or cotton and bamboo. Our shirts are available in various fits and styles. Whichever one you choose: Ollies Fashion promises you quality at a good price.

Men’s shirts made of cotton and polyester

Some men swear by 100% cotton shirts, but the perfect combination of cotton and polyester gives you the best of both worlds. This is because a shirt made of cotton and polyester is lightweight, soft, moisture absorbing and breathable. Together, these properties ensure optimum natural comfort! The polyester in the fabric provides extra strength, color fastness and wear resistance. This is important if you wash your shirts often in the washing machine. A high-quality cotton/polyester shirt will last up to twice as long as a 100% cotton shirt! Another advantage of a cotton/polyester blend is that these shirts dry quickly after washing and also require little or no ironing.

Our men’s shirts are available in a cotton/polyester blend with a ratio of 60/40 or 55/45. Because Ollies Fashion cotton shirts always contain more cotton than polyester, you can be sure of a very high quality at a reasonable price. Of course our cotton/polyester shirts are available in your favorite fit and color or pattern.

Men’s shirts made of cotton and bamboo

Bamboo fabrics are becoming increasingly popular. And there’s a good reason for this – clothing made of bamboo offers many advantages. Especially when combined with cotton in the right proportions.

Ollies Fashion has its own line of shirts, made of a quality blend of 55% bamboo and 45% cotton. Adding the perfect amount of cotton creates a robust, colorfast and wear-resistant fabric. Due to the special shape of the bamboo fibers and the properties of cotton, a cotton/bamboo shirt is soft, smooth, airy and particularly good at absorbing moisture. In addition, bamboo has antibacterial properties that mean you smell fresher for longer. Which is great, isn’t it?

By choosing a good cotton/bamboo mix, you are also doing your bit for the environment. This is because growing bamboo uses relatively little land, water and pesticides. The positive properties of bamboo not only make it excellent for shirts. At Ollies Fashion you will therefore also find a wide range of bamboo t-shirts and bamboo underwear for men and women.

Twill, poplin… What are they? The various cotton weaves

With some of our shirts you see a description of the type of fabric. Common ones at Ollies Fashion are twill, poplin and dobby. But what exactly do these mean?

These terms are all descriptions of the way the threads are woven. These weaves determine how thick the fabric is, and how it looks and feels. That is why we find it important to use only the best weaving techniques.

  • Twill: the twill weave is a common weaving method and can be recognized by the diagonal lines. This weaving technique results in a fabric that is very robust, yet soft to the touch. Twill fabric is also wrinkle-resistant.
  • Poplin: Unlike twill, poplin weave fabric is a lot finer and more breathable. This makes a poplin shirt ideal to wear during warmer weather. Poplin weave fabric feels smooth, making it comfortable to wear. Poplin shirts are also wrinkle-resistant.
  • Dobby: If you are looking for a unique, stylish shirt, then a shirt made of dobby weave fabric is the right choice for you. The dobby weaving technique uses different yarns and weaving techniques to apply a certain pattern in the fabric. At Ollies Fashion you can find dobby shirts with stripes, dots and checks. Because the pattern/print is woven into the fabric, you are assured of good color fastness and wear resistance.

Cotton shirts in sizes XS to XXXL

A men’s shirt can be made of the finest quality cotton, but you will only really make an impression if your shirt is a perfect fit. That’s why Ollies Fashion offers shirts in sizes XS to XXXL. If you’re not sure which size is best for you, please check the size chart.

In order to provide the perfect shirt for every man, our collection also has shirts with 3 different fits: loose fit, modern fit and tailor fit. Loose fit is the right choice for the (larger) man who wants a classic look. Modern fit and tailor fit are tailored fits for a modern, stylish look. Tailor fit shirts are more tailored in this respect than modern fit shirts.

Order men’s cotton shirts online

With so much choice in terms of colors, sizes and fits, Ollies Fashion undoubtedly has the perfect cotton shirt for you. When you have found the right fit and size with the help of our extensive size chart, you can also make a choice in terms of color and fabric type. So you have a beautiful cotton shirt for every day!

Ordering a cotton shirt online at Ollies Fashion is always a good idea. There’s a large collection, clear product information and of course high quality at a reasonable price. If you are not satisfied with your purchase at Ollies Fashion, you always have 14 days in which to return it.

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