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Sporty and comfortable slimfit boxer briefs and briefs for men made from high-quality bamboo fiber and MicroModal. Available in a variety of colors and sizes from S to XL, and Micro-Modal up to 5XL.

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Bamboo boxer briefs for men

Underwear: few men think about it for long – but the right underwear makes you feel so much better. Choose high-quality underwear for a great fit and a high level of comfort. Underwear made from bamboo or MicroModal is also an environmentally conscious choice.

A classic, made from the textile of the future: the slimfit bamboo boxer briefs from Ollies Fashion. Our boxer briefs are made from 95% bamboo fiber and 5% spandex for the right amount of stretch and shape retention. Why should you choose bamboo boxer briefs?

Due to the special properties of bamboo fiber, fabric made from bamboo has a number of positive characteristics. It feels silky smooth on the skin, breathes well and can absorb and wick away moisture perfectly. This gives you a hygienic feeling all day long. Bamboo also has antibacterial properties and is hypoallergenic. This means that you will almost never have an allergic reaction to bamboo. Did you know that bamboo is an environmentally conscious choice? Bamboo grows extremely quickly on small plots of land and hardly needs any water. On top of that, hardly any pesticides are needed. So if you give consideration to environmental factors when buying clothes, bamboo is definitely a good option.

Tip! At Ollies Fashion, you will not only find the best bamboo boxer briefs. You are also at the right place for bamboo shirts and modern bamboo t-shirts.

MicroModal boxer briefs for men

MicroModal is still a bit less known than bamboo, but shares many of the same positive properties. MicroModal is therefore also a perfect fabric for men’s underwear. Ollies Fashion has recently started offering a collection of MicroModal boxer briefs for men.
MicroModal is a semi-synthetic fabric made from the fibers of the beech tree. These are extracted in an environmentally friendly way. As the name MicroModal suggests, the fibers are extremely fine, making the fabric feel wonderfully soft. Also, the narrow fibers provide a breathable fabric that absorbs and wicks away moisture well. MicroModal underwear thus provides a hygienic and dry feeling – all day long.

Our MicroModal boxer briefs for men are available in various colors and sizes. Use the size chart for the product to find out which size is right for you.

MicroModal briefs for men

For those who are not fans of the slimfit boxer briefs, we offer MicroModal men’s briefs. Of course, with the men’s briefs you experience the same benefits as with the boxer briefs. Our men’s briefs are also available in various sizes and colors.

Whether you prefer to wear boxer briefs or briefs: choose MicroModal. Many expensive brands have already noticed the many benefits of this fabric and are making expensive MicroModal underwear. Fortunately, Ollies Fashion offers you an affordable alternative which does not compromise on quality! Our MicroModal underwear is comfortable, soft, colorfast and keeps its shape. Even after many washes.

Men’s underwear special offer

At Ollies Fashion you can always count on finding high-quality clothing at a great price. You are also guaranteed to get the absolute best value for money with our men’s underwear. But did you know you can always take advantage of volume discounts? That means you always get a great discount when you order 2 or more boxer briefs or briefs. And that can really add up! Which is great, of course! Because then you can experience the comfort of Ollies underpants every day.

Buying men’s underwear at Ollies Fashion

Clothes make the man, and that goes for your underwear too! With the right underwear on you feel hygienic, comfortable and confident. We have a wide range of men’s underwear, so there is something for everyone. Choose from MicroModal and bamboo boxer briefs and briefs in a range of colors. Of course, we also have many sizes available from S to XL.

Buying men’s underwear online can be quite the challenge. At Ollies Fashion, we think it’s important that you know what you’re ordering. That’s why all our products have clear pictures and descriptions, and thanks to the size charts you know exactly which size will fit you best.

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