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Do you feel best in a loose fit or a tailor fit shirt? Plain white, blue, pink, or a beautiful print? At Ollies Fashion, you’ll always find a men’s shirt that suits you.

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A men’s shirt for every occasion

Do you often stand in front of the wardrobe in the morning wondering what to wear? Good news: a shirt is always a good idea. Men’s shirts come in endless shapes and sizes, so there is always the perfect shirt for every occasion. For hot summer days there are even short-sleeved shirts.

Are you looking for a good looking shirt to impress at the office, during a business event or at a (chic) party? Then take a look at our business shirts. This type of shirt has a semi-spread or wide-spread collar. This means that the collar tips are further apart than with a traditional collar. This makes these shirts perfect to combine with a tie (including with a larger knot) or bow tie. The knot then falls perfectly between the collar points.

If you want to look groomed and fashionable on a normal weekday, wear a shirt with a pair of jeans or chinos. Our collection of casual shirts is made up of various styles in different colors, fabrics and fits. Our business shirts can also be worn in a casual setting of course.

Make sure your shirt perfectly matches the occasion and of course your style by choosing your favorite color or print. At Ollies Fashion you will find men’s shirts in all popular colors and with surprising prints.

Buying the perfect shirt. Where do you start?

Apart from the various types of collars, Ollies Fashion offers you a choice of different colors, fits and fabrics. So you can always find a shirt that meets your requirements. It is important to determine which fit you feel best in. We make a distinction between tailor fit, modern fit and loose fit.

  • Tailor fit is a tailored fit; the shirt fits snugly to the body. Tailor fit shirts are perfect to combine with a fitted suit, but are also excellent to wear with trousers, chinos or jeans. A tailor fit shirt in the right size, that fits snugly to the body, looks modern and has a slimming effect.
  • If you think tailor fit is too tight then a modern fit shirt might be the right choice for you. This type of shirt has a slightly tailored fit for the same modern look, while offering a little more room to move.
  • If you are more a lover of the classic look, then you should choose a loose fit shirt. These shirts are looser around the waist, making them perfect for men with a larger size.

Of course, you only do the fit justice if you wear a shirt of the right size. At Ollies Fashion you can find shirts in sizes ranging from XS to XXXL. If you do not know which size is the best for you, check out our size charts.

Shirt fabrics: what does it matter?

It is important that you also take the fabric from which the shirt is made into account when choosing the perfect shirt. Our collection includes bamboo-cotton blend, cotton-polyester blend, denim and rayon. But what difference does it make what your shirt is made of?

Cotton shirt: cotton-polyester blend

Many people prefer 100% cotton clothing. However, at Ollies Fashion we have noticed that there are many advantages to a mix of cotton and polyester. At Ollies Fashion we therefore have a large collection of shirts made of a high-quality cotton-polyester blend. Our shirts always have a higher percentage of cotton than polyester. This makes them skin-friendly, easy to wash, wear-resistant and moisture-absorbing.

Because of the perfect mix, you also experience the advantages of polyester with a cotton-polyester shirt. Polyester is very breathable, needs little ironing, is colorfast and keeps its shape.

Choose a shirt with 55% cotton for great value for money. You can find these at Ollies Fashion. We also have a selection of premium cotton-polyester shirts with 60% cotton.

Bamboo shirt

Experience the ultimate luxury with bamboo shirts from Ollies Fashion. Fabrics made from bamboo are innovative, environmentally friendly and extremely comfortable. Bamboo grows rapidly and relatively little use of pesticides and water is made in its cultivation.

Bamboo fabric is soft and smooth and therefore feels great on the skin. These properties also ensure that bamboo shirts have a beautiful drape. Another advantage is that bamboo shirts feel airy in summer and insulate well in winter. And did you know that bamboo has an antibacterial effect and can absorb a lot of moisture? That means you stay smelling fresh for longer. Even after a long, hard day’s work or after partying deep into the night.

The bamboo shirts from Ollies Fashion are made of a bamboo-cotton blend. We opted for this because adding cotton to the fabric creates a sturdy, durable fabric. This way you can wash your bamboo shirt in the washing machine without any problem, and enjoy it for many years.

Are you, like us, a big fan of bamboo fabrics? At Ollies Fashion you are also at the right place for a wide range of comfortable bamboo underwear for men and women.

Buy men’s shirts online –!

Why rush out to the shops when you can just as easily buy your new men’s shirt online at Ollies Fashion? Discover our extensive collection and order a quality shirt in your favorite color, print and fit.

When you order a shirt online at Ollies Fashion, you know exactly what to expect. Our products are clearly pictured so that you can see all the details perfectly. We also provide all the necessary information on fabrics, collar, cuffs and fit. You can determine the right size using our extensive size chart. If you are nevertheless not completely happy with the shirt, you always have 30 days in which to return it.

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