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Men's Bamboo Boxer Short in various colors

Experience the luxury of bamboo boxer briefs for men: silky soft, a perfect fit and always a hygienic feeling. Available in various colors and in sizes S to XL!

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Slimfit Bamboo boxer briefs for men

The slimfit boxer briefs are a favorite of many men. At Ollies Fashion, you’ll find this classic now made from the textile of the future: bamboo. Our boxer briefs are made of 95% bamboo and 5% spandex. The spandex gives the boxer briefs the right amount of stretch and ensures that it will keep its shape and color, wash after wash. But what exactly is so great about bamboo?

Besides MicroModal, bamboo is one of the best textiles to make underwear from, as far as we are concerned. In fact, bamboo has so many unique properties that after you’ve worn bamboo underwear once, you will never want to wear anything else again.

This is because bamboo fibers have a round shape, and bamboo therefore feels silky on the skin. As a result, the fabric made from it feels silky soft. As you always wear underwear directly against your skin, that’s obviously a huge plus. In addition, the open structure of the bamboo fiber makes the fabric breathable, and it absorbs and wicks away moisture well. Combined with the antibacterial properties of bamboo, this results in underwear that makes you feel hygienic and dry all day long. Even when you are very active.

For people who are (or want to be) environmentally aware, bamboo is also a good option. That is because bamboo is very easy to grow. It needs hardly any space because it grows upwards very fast, and very little water. And (almost) no pesticides are used. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your skin. And the lack of pesticides means that wearers almost never get an allergic reaction.

The perfect fit

The bamboo boxer briefs by Ollies Fashion have been tested by many men and found to be good. The slim fit is comfortable, keeps everything perfectly in place and is also perfect to wear under tighter pants. The wide waistband is hard-wearing, but soft to the touch and does not cut into the skin. There are also no annoying seams that chafe during wear. Our bamboo boxer briefs are available in black, light blue, green and dark blue. Use our size charts to select the right size, from S to XL.

Bamboo boxer briefs offers

Bamboo underwear is a luxury. But fortunately it’s an affordable luxury. At Ollies Fashion, you can buy men’s boxer briefs with an extra discount if you buy a set of 2 or 4. And you can also benefit from our volume discount. That means the more items of a single product you put in your cart, the more discount you get! This volume discount also applies to our value packs, so your profit adds up.

Buying bamboo boxer briefs for men

Ollies Fashion is the best online address for all your men’s underwear. We select only boxer briefs and briefs that meet our high standards of quality and price. That way you can be sure that you are only getting the best boxer briefs from us at the best prices. And thanks to our special volume discounts you get even more benefits.

At Ollies Fashion, what you see is what you get. Thanks to our clear pictures and descriptions, you will never be disappointed when you get your order. And was it not what you expected after all? Then you can always have 30 days to return your purchase. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our customer service.

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