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Women's and men's underwear. Soft, comfortable and high quality

Soft, comfortable, and high-quality: that’s Ollies Fashion underwear and more. Discover our extensive collection of women’s and men’s underwear, made from the best textiles – bamboo and MicroModal.

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Ladies’ underwear: thongs, hipsters and boyshorts

What kind of underwear do you prefer to wear? Each woman has her own preference. Some feel best in a thong, while other women only wear boyshorts. Whatever the case: the underwear you wear should at the very least be comfortable.

Comfort is therefore paramount in the collection of ladies’ underwear at Ollies Fashion. Our thongs, boyshorts and hipsters are made exclusively from the softest textiles: bamboo and MicroModal. The wide waistband is made of hard-wearing elastic and does not cut in. The selected fabrics contribute to a good fit. Our underwear collection is available in sizes S to 5XL. The ladies’ underwear by Ollies Fashion is available in white, grey, black and pink.

Men’s underwear

Men are also well served at Ollies Fashion with the most comfortable underwear. Our bamboo boxer briefs are of high quality and are available at a very attractive price individually, as a set of 2 and as a set of 4. The boxer briefs are soft and have a nice slim fit. The sturdy waistband and longer legs ensure optimal comfort.

Do you prefer not to wear boxer briefs? Then try our silky soft MicroModal briefs for men. Our men’s underwear is available in black, blue and green and in sizes S to 5XL. Thanks to the size chart found with each product, you know exactly which size fits you best.

Bamboo underwear

Much of our underwear collection is made from high-quality bamboo fiber. And there’s good reason for this. Because bamboo is one of the most suitable fabrics for underwear. This is because bamboo fiber has a round shape, and therefore feels silky soft against the skin. The open structure of the fiber also ensures that the fabric breathes well and wicks away moisture quickly. Bamboo also has antibacterial properties which means that you are less likely to experience unpleasant odors in bamboo clothing. Wearing bamboo underwear therefore ensures an extra dry and hygienic feeling – all day long.

Bamboo is also the right choice for the environment. This is because bamboo grows very quickly and hardly needs any water. As a result, it is a lot less harmful to the environment than – for example – cotton. And did you know that almost no pesticides are needed for growing bamboo. This is better for the earth, but also for your body. Bamboo textiles hardly ever cause allergic reactions.

In our collection of bamboo underwear you will find various models for ladies and men.

Ladies: Bamboo thong | Bamboo boyshorts | Bamboo hipsters

Men’s: Bamboo boxer brief

MicroModal underwear

New to our collection, but no less popular, is MicroModal underwear. But: what is MicroModal? MicroModal is made from ultra-thin (micro) fibers. This makes the fabric feel silky soft, and it can absorb moisture very well. So, just like bamboo underwear, in MicroModal underpants you feel fresh all day long.

MicroModal is a semi-synthetic fabric made from cellulose from beech trees. The fabric is produced in an environmentally friendly way. Other advantages of MicroModal are that it retains its shape and color and hardly ever pills or fluffs. This ensures that you enjoy your MicroModal underwear wash after wash.

MicroModal is a luxury textile and underwear made from this textile can only be found in the more expensive segment in the Netherlands. At Ollies Fashion, we thought it was time MicroModal underwear was available to everyone. The same quality, at a lower price!

Check out our entire range of MicroModal underwear:

Ladies: MicroModal thong | MicroModal boyshorts | MicroModal hipsters

Men’s: MicroModal briefs | MicroModal boxer briefs

Underwear: the right price-quality ratio

Generally speaking, your underwear is rarely visible to the outside world, and partly because of this people often want to spend as little money on it as possible. But: good underwear can make all the difference. Because what could be more annoying than underpants with a waistband that cuts into your hips, boxer briefs with legs that constantly roll up or briefs that have a hole in them after only 5 wears? By not immediately running to the nearest clothing discounter, but consciously investing in high-quality underwear, you can avoid that kind of situation.

And at the end of the day, you don’t spend that much more by avoiding the very cheapest underwear. Because better quality underwear comes out of the washing machine like new time after time. No loss of stretch, holes or pilling, fluffing or faded fabric.

Ollies Fashion has carefully put together a collection of underwear for ladies and men that guarantees you the best value for money. Hard-wearing and high-quality fabrics and the best fit. And all from just €9.95 each! Did you know that if you buy multiples of the same product, you can take advantage of substantial discounts? And that this can save you up to €55!

Buying underwear at Ollies Fashion

Have all your underwear conveniently delivered to your home by ordering from Ollies Fashion. Besides a large collection of boyshorts, hipsters and thongs you will find camisoles, t-shirts, shirts and more! Modern fashion at the very lowest prices.

Thanks to the clear pictures, product descriptions and size charts, you know exactly what you’re getting. But if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you always have 14 days in which to return it. Do you have any questions about our products? If so, please contact us at . We will be happy to answer your questions!

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